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Malpractice and Personal Injury Attorney

The firm of Peter J. Brudny, P.A. represents plaintiffs injured, due to the fault of others, in the areas of:

Our Commitment, Staff and Support

Through the development of the facts, use of lay and expert testimony, and carefully selected and crafted visual exhibits, we undertake to educate and persuade the decision makers, from insurance adjusters to members of a jury. We strive to convince these decision makers of the correctness of our position - regarding liability, your injuries and the resulting damages.

While some cases are able to be settled, thus eliminating the risks inherent with a jury trial and possible appeals, we prepare and develop each case in order to properly present that case to a jury, should a trial be necessary.

Our professional staff takes great pride in establishing and maintaining a good working relationship with each client.

From new case intake through settlement or jury award distribution, clients have close, direct access to the attorney who is personally handling their case. This relationship results in you, our client, being kept abreast of the latest developments in the case.

In addition to our professional, in-house staff, we contract with independent professionals to assist us in effectively presenting each case.

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